Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father's Day Gifts

The kids made father's day gifts for Joe last month and I've just been dying to share! Now that it's finally father's day, here they are! We went to the craft store and they each picked out something they wanted to make for their daddy! Once they got home, they set to work. 

They both did such a great job!

Friday, June 19, 2015

She's Back!

Today we went to pick up Joli from camp! The first thing her counselor told us when we got there was that Joli climbed all the way to the top of the rock wall!! I was very impressed!
 There was also a rock climbing house that was really cool!

 Next Joli took us to her cabin and showed us her bunk!
 Markus tested them out.

 She showed us the common room.
 This was her cabin!
 They had some "bird mansions" as Joli called them. The kids were actually happy to see each other again (it only lasted until I pulled into the driveway....).
 This treehouse was so cool! Joli said "It was made by an actual contractor!

 She showed us the "mess hall".
 The was the awesome bb gun range!

 I just loved their rules! I'm totally stealing them!

 Markus was pretty overwhelmed.
 The benches throughout the camp were pretty cool.
 Joli walked us up to the archery range.

 Then up to the "lake".

 Yeah, it was dry...
 Markus went down to check for sure.
 The bridge was pretty cool.

 We went back down to the camp and ate lunch.

 Joli was sad to leave, but happy to be with us again. We made a little pit stop on the way home to get soap and tea. She was pretty pooped.
 Markus doesn't ever seem to be tired...

 It was a VERY hot day to be out all day.
 Jolie couldn't wait to get home and see their new room, and her reaction made all the work totally worth it!

It was a great day, and we are all happy to have Joli back again!